Black Dog Textiles

Why us?

Because these beautiful and unique objects are handmade in Scotland.

Because we will include the cost of UK delivery in the price of the goods.

Because we are committed to using valuable resources ethically, down to the very last scrap. We think carefully about how to use the minimum in terms of electrical power and what we do use, comes from a green energy supply. The water used to wash our goods is heated by solar energy.

Because we are committed to recycling we'll buy back your purchase. We'll give you a discount off your next purchase which will reflect the re-saleability or recyclability of your item. For example, if you return your handbag as new, we will give you 50% off your next one.

Because we will repair your item if it gets damaged or worn - our intention is to prolong the useful life of all our creations.

Because we will waste no precious resources on unnecessary packaging. You will receive your order in whatever containers we are currently recycling.

Because we make things that people are delighted to own.